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Model forest Czech Republic

MF CR is the first model forest established in the Czech Republic, inspired and bound by the ideas promoted by the International Model Forest Network which comes from Canada. Despite the small territory of the Czech Republic, Model Forest Czech Republic champions several sites as models of long tradition of practical sustainable management. MF CR will offer a space where existing partnerships will be fostered and new partnerships will be created, where people from different social, cultural and economic backgrounds will work towards a forest and landscape management which will respect the values of forests and the entire landscape, conserve them and enhance them for future generations.

MF CR encompasses five model sites – four forestry parks and a biosphere reserve:

  • Bezděz Forestry Park
  • Křivoklátsko Forestry Park
  • Masaryk Forest Křtiny Forestry Park
  • Podkomorske lesy Forestry Park
  • Lower Morava Biosphere Reserve

Model Forest Czech Republic consists of several small-scale areas, unlike most other Model Forests which consist of large-scale unbroken territories. The territory of MF CR is not continuous, yet it constitutes a single system and a single common idea.